Blood Thinners and Vitamin K Foods

One of the functions of vitamin K is clotting. In normal circumstances* we do not monitor our intake of foods high in vitamin K because our bodies can adequately utilize it. Our consumption/intake becomes very important for individuals placed on blood thinners (Coumadin/Warfarin).  
If placed on a blood thinner, it is important to eat a normal, balanced diet maintaining a consistent amount of vitamin K rich foods. All foods are acceptable but it it important to avoid drastic changes in dietary habits. It is important to be consistent with vitamin K intake rather than avoiding foods rich in vitamin K.  

For example, if you really enjoy collard greens and it is a staple of your diet do not abruptly stop just because they are rich in vitamin K. You will need to notify your health care provider and give them an estimate of how much and how often you eat them. This will allow for your medication to be adjusted to meet your daily vitamin K intake. Listed below are foods that are considered high in vitamin K. 

*free of illness that is related to blood clothing disorders


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