A Look at School Lunches

After surviving eating lunch with my kids, I asked myself "What do school lunches look like in other countries?" 

Are they better, the same or dare I think WORSE
So I did what any good parent would do, I YouTube'ed it.  
Buzzfeed had the scoop. --> {pun intended, nerdy food joke}

When I was a kid I LOVED to eat lunch at school. It is pretty safe to say that today's school lunches {in America} are terrible. There are many factors that play into why school lunches have taken a nose dive in appeal here in the US with obesity being the number one concern. With that said, there are so many rules and regulations that schools must abide by that is has worked as a double edged sword.

The FUN of food has been removed and replaced with even more processed items {but with added fiber- like that will save us}. Food is not associated with fun but more with frustration. 

You can't eat your birthday cupcakes before this time

No Popsicles at track & field day because they are considered a competitive food item {even though the heat index might be 105 degrees!}

There are so many cant's that no one wants to come up with the can's

But Japan did. Their obesity rates were on the rise. They brought food {and a toothbrush} to the forefront and began to educate their children.

This is Japan.
This is Japan's school lunch program.
>>>Be like Japan.<<<