Tutorial: Upcycled Tote

I loathe grocery shopping (with or without kids). I shop either one of two ways. 
  1. I have a kid(s) in tow and make the mad dash. A mad dash translates to me pushing a cart as fast as possible down key aisles and throwing (yes, throwing) the staples in the cart.  
  2. I am alone and have the mega list. This is a tragic love story for this dietitian. I spend WAY to much time looking at labels, having mental debates with myself and sometimes "glancing" in other peoples carts in the checkout line. #shameful 
It never fails when I get to the checkout line, I see all these prepared shoppers with their reusable shopping bags and I always say to myself "next time". Well next time finally came and I made my totes! I couldn't believe how simple and cheap it was to make them. 

I know, I know. Now you are jealous and want cool bags like me, don't worry you can make your own grocery bags in three simple steps.

Step 1. Find an old t -shirt, the larger the better. I went to the thrift shop and got a bag of old, x-large shirts.

Step 2. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the bottom straight across. It is literally on straight line across and you can't mess it up. Following the seam line of the shirt will make it really simple to sew a straight line. If your line is a little off it doesn't matter because it is the inside-bottom of the bag.  My 9 year old zipped it right up!

Step 3. Turn the shirt right-side out and fold in half. Cut the sleeves off. Cut a square at the neck (see picture #3).

Unfold and BAM! You have a fun, durable tote. 

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