Food Label "Overhaul" Proposed to Public

It is no secret (or it shouldn't be) that the current food label is confusing and many people have a hard time making sense of it. There have been no changes made to the format of the food labels appearance or content in about 20 years. Just a week ago the FDA, along with Michelle Obama, announced the proposal of new revisions and proposed two possible options. 

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My thoughts
I like the changes! I really like that "Added Sugars" is being taken into consideration! I wonder how this will affect all the great fruit juices that are on the market that provide such wonderful amounts of sugar antioxidents (*sacrasim)Now, consumers will be able to see what has actually been added to their food versus what is naturally occuring. 

At first I was leaning toward option one because it was bolder, easily caught my attention, was condensed in appearance and the CALORIES really pop out. But, the more I looked at the differences between the two, I think I like option 2 better. 

Proposal 2 adds a little bit of quick education that I think might really be helathpul for the average consumer. I like the addition of Quick Facts, Avoid to Much and Get Enough sections. It breaks it down into three simple facts: 
  1. This is what this food has to offer
  2. You don't want to eat to much of this (saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium & added sugars)
  3. You need to get more of this (fiber, vitamin D, calcium, potassium & iron)

Regardless of which proposal is chosen, I am happy that the label is being changed. I applaud the effort and know that for me personally, it will make teaching How to Read a Food Label a whole lot easier. More importantly, I think that this change will help to alleviate some of the initial shock or stress that occurs when we are attempting to make better lifestyle & diet choices. Will these changes fix our food woes, NO WAY. We still have many of issues with food production & ingredients, advertisement, individual product labeling, portion size and so on but this is a start.

Which option do you like best? Proposal 1 or Proposal 2

Do you like the changes? 

Is it easier to understand?

Do you think this will have any impact on the family diet?

1 comment:

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