Twain had it Right...

Looking for accurate and dependable nutrition information can be overwhelming. Don't place your trust or health with just any "Joe". 

Here are a few Red Flags of Junk Science:

Claims a "Quick Fix"
There is NO such thing as a Quick Fix! Everything takes effort and TIME.

Dire warnings of danger from a single product or regimen. 

If a product or diet program states that a possible side affect could be DEATH or liver damage, etc. ... Choose something else.      

Sounds too good to be true...
It is!

Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study
If the research study is very detailed (and usually will include a long list of statistical findings) and the conclusion reads something like "Study finds most participants lost weight"... Not a good enough summary of the findings of the study to trust them... What if most participants lost weight and ended up with long-term side effects like diarrhea or gout. YIKES!
    Recommendations based on a SINGLE study
    According to Study "X" this pill with cure diabetes... JUNK

      Dramatic statements refuted by reputable scientific organizations
      Diet "X" claims that you should avoid all vegetables to lower your cholesterol but the American Heart Association recommends limiting animal products in your diet to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride  and LDL levels and INCREASE your vegetable consumption.
        Lists "good" and "bad" foods
        Read my quote at the top of this page... Good/Bad food lists never work out.
          Recommendations made to sell a product
          If a product or diet program is "right" for you because the sales person thinks so, ask yourself: "Who is this person?, Do they know me and what I need?" If you think they do, then by all means buy away.

          There is NO SINGLE magical diet and exercise program. We all need different things. The best place to start is with your diet.

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