What Do You Mean NO FIBER!

Yes, you read that correctly. In almost all other instances I am pro fiber but in the case of juicing I am not. The recommended daily intake for adults is between 25-35 gms per day (there are more specific guidelines broken down by age). Most Americans are lucky if they get half that each day and never give it a second thought. UNTIL, they hear someone say "You don't want fiber in your juice"... then they become fiber advocates. FIBER IS FABULOUS and we all need more of it (plus water).

Here's the deal...

Smoothie's are intended to stimulate the digestive tract and get things moving. Roughage (spinach leaves, flax seed, fiber powder, etc.) is necessary and a key to a healthy smoothie. One of the roles of fiber is to stimulate digestion and give your colon a healthy workout while attaching and binding to waste material (i.e. cholesterol, triglycerides).

Raw juice is NOT intended to stimulate your digestive tract. Juicing is to increase the absorption of vital nutrients. Key word is ABSORPTION. Fiber slows down digestion to help bind with wastes but it doesn't pick and choose what it binds with. If vitamins are present it doesn't discriminate and will bind and excrete them just as it does cholesterol. For this reason, we do not want fiber to be in our juice.

Fresh juice is in a raw form and little to no digestion occurs allowing absorption to rapidly take place; absorption takes place almost as fast as the rate of alcohol. I hate to compare it to alcohol... But alcohol is in a raw state and it is easily absorbed... same principle with raw juice (except you are not killing your liver or altering your mental state, WIN!). 

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