Try This, Not That: Frozen Pot Pie

Both pies are almost evenly matched.  The Marie Callender’s pie, has slightly more fat and calories, but less cholesterol and sodium.  
So, why eat the Swanson’s pot pie over the Marie Callender’s?  Portion Control.  
Pot pies are rarely shared.  If one person were to consume the whole Marie Callender’s pot pie, the calories would increase to 870!  For this reason alone, the Swanson’s pie is the better option.
Swanson's Pot Pie
Serving size:  1 pie (198g) 

Calories  370
Total Fat  20g
Saturated fat  7g
Trans fat  0g
Cholesterol  30 mg
Sodium  770mg
Total Carbs  36g
Fiber  2g
Sugar  2g
Protein  11g

Marie Callender's Pot Pie
Serving Size: 1 cup (200 g) 2 servings per package

Calories:  380
Total Fat  21g
Saturated fat 8g
Trans fat  0g
Cholesterol 15mg
Sodium  740mg
Total Carb  38g
Fiber  4g
Sugar  4g
Protein 11g

* A special thank you to Sarah Hatfield for taking on this time consuming task and battling the grocery store!

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