It's a NEW Year!

It's a NEW Year and time to make goals! When setting goals for yourself you might find that some are private and others are open for discussion. Sometimes our health goals are set on "private" mode and they get locked away and possibly un-achieved by the time December rolls around. 

It is important to keep in mind that a BIG part of success has to do with accountability... to yourself and/or others. So when making your health & fitness goals for the year, find your somebody and tell them your goals and plans to achieve them.

It has taken me two weeks to finally lock down my fitness goals for this year. I told them to my husband (aka Sweet Stuff) and then started the task of writing them down.......... WRITE DOWN your goals! Write them down and then place them somewhere that you will see on a daily basis. This might be on the refrigerator, in the bathroom (my personal favorite), in your car, purse, etc. You get the idea.

And lastly, plan for failure. Yes, you read that right... you are going to drop the ball, forget, or want to give up (maybe you will for a day or even a week) and THAT'S OKAY! These are goals and they might need to be modified or even replaced. Don't be too hard on yourself and DON'T Quit. This is when you might want to call your person and have them talk you off the ledge or maybe talk you out of the cookie, cake, pie, soda, fried chicken or any other weakness. They may have to raise their voice and say "Hey You, PUT THE COOKIE DOWN".

I've decided to list some of my fitness goals for the year... not all of them but just a snap shot. Will I achieve all of them, probably not. Will I press forward? You bet! And I will still eat a cookie and chocolate Cadbury eggs this Easter :)

  • Exercise daily (any form I can manage... even if I have a kid crawling on my head)
    • include my kids as much as possible
  • Lose 8# by my 30th birthday (it's a touchy topic)
  • Lose 4" in my waist by March
  • Eat 2 servings of raw fruits/vegetables daily
  • Multi-vitamins daily (for myself and my kids)
  • NO SODA!
  • Run 1/2 marathon 
    • and after that still have a desire to run a full marathon (bucket list)
So these are a few of my fitness goals for 2013... 
What are your plans?

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